UTS O’Day 2016

-The winning design concept of the UTS Design Student Competition 2016-


UTS O’Day 2016 theme is UTS Airport. New students will have their passports at the checking desk and join many exciting activities in different “continents’. The design needs to be fun, attractive and has an airport theme behind.

Design concept:

My design concept was to create a fun, dynamic, modern vibe in order to attract new students from around the world. I personally believe that the iconic meaning of the paper airplane suits the design brief well, not only to create the ‘international airport’ theme but is also related to the student life. The main illustration in the middle of the poster is called ‘The Tomorrow Land’ where new UTS students have a lot of opportunities to express their passions and interests. The ‘light bulb’ balloons represent the ideas, achievements from UTS students from the past to the future.

Design solution:

Although the design concept was the winning pitch of the competition, it still needed a lot of improvements. With a lot of help from the team, the design got more improvement and refined.

These are my final designs for UTS O’Day 2016. In 3 months working with UTS, I had produced many different medias on this big project, from digital to print such as posters, billboard signs, passport, website and digital screens.

Social media infographic flyer7f44eb37367285-573dc94d5f578614ca037367285-573dc94d601e74a94d137367285-573dc94d5fc1db855e537367285-573dc94d5ed4d


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